Optimizing construction materials reuse

At Elements, we imagine an entirely new method to trigger the reuse of construction components. Rooted in a pragmatic approach of deconstruction processes, our company offers services to enhance second-hand materials, yet also to reduce construction and deconstruction delays. The operations we implement offer comparative advantages to circular economy models in initial construction phases, and throughout deconstruction.

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Circular approach

Elements defines circular methods as the association of virtuous environmental practices and the consideration of construction economy. Our ability to reduce waste production relies on the subtle balance between innovative practices, productivity and cost reduction on building sites.

The construction industry is currently responsible for 40% of waste production and 50% of raw material extraction.  

Waste crisis

The average productivity of the construction industry is 33% lower than the overall economy.


A new buildings average life expectancy is 30 years. Construction material’s average life expectancy is 
76 years.

Life cycle

92% of the data necessary to reuse materials is lost throughout the building’s life cycle



Reuse Method

Element’s strategy is to democratise and rationalise reuse methods, through the protection of the data documenting the characteristics of new building components. The data sheets are used throughout the components life cycle to analyse their characteristics, in order to reuse them at their optimal capacity and at their maximum value. In correlation with this objective, the data collected are used to optimise construction procedures, site inspection, and second-hand design, creating value and economic incentive for the transition towards circular construction models. These valuable data are administered through two complementary access points, a direct access through RFID tags placed on construction components, and an auxiliary access through a platform offering a range of services.

Our Services

Our company makes a difference by expanding the life span of construction components, reducing waste production, and diminishing errors on construction sites.


Materials reuse optimization

We protect the value of construction components by preserving their associated data. Our clients can thereafter reuse them as if they just came out of the factory.  

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Automatic site survey

By scanning the materials (RFID method) and comparing them with BIM models, our services allows for automatic site survey, error avoidance and responsibility assessment throughout the construction process.

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Site value extraction

Deconstruction delays are a major obstacle to the reuse of materials. Through our RFID scan method, the value analysis of a construction site, and the deconstruction planning delays become a formality.

Our Technology

ON - Site
RFID access

All our construction components are equipped with RFID tags. They allow direct and resilient access to the most strategic data, permit the update of key characteristics and participate to the expansion of digital tools on construction sites.

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Platform access

The platform access allows the management of the database and its associated services (including components localisation, site value extraction, responsibility assessment, automatic site surveys, reselling documentation production, etc.). This platform acts as a multi-scale data management system, from the material to the building.

Our Partners

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About Us

Elements enables the optimal reuse of construction components.

Elements is currently incubated at Driven by volumes.


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